In order for the Association to reach its objectives, it plans concerted action both for its members (committees, updates & training sessions/courses) and the market (surveys, conferences/congresses, thematic / industry one-day conferences, networking), internationational community (memberships) and the government (interventions for the institutionalization and accreditation of the professional role).
Risk Management is a highly sophisticated process, with specific characteristics that apply to each operational unit within organizations (function), and more so to each industry. The Association should be able to identify and approach the different needs of its members, recognizing these differences, and also adapting its activities accordingly, as a result.
The provision of training to members of the Association is one of its key priorities. There is a training room at the offices of the Association that has the capacity to accommodate 10-15 executives, in order to host seminars run by the Committees, either FREE OF CHARGE or at a nominal price. In fact, the provision of FREE training to membersup to 80% of their annual subscription is one of the key benefits provided by the Association.
The training of members refers to one-day trainings courses, short-term seminars (2-3 days), as well as longer training courses through partnerships with specialist training organizations and institutions (both public & private).
In addition to its annual conference, the Association shall host events on Risk Management, mostly on subjects derived from the proceedings of its Committees. Moreover, and by initiative of the Committees again, presentations will be held on specialist tools and services for its members, by renowned market suppliers or its sponsor members.
The Committees which are the 'backbone' of the Association may carry out studies and research on behalf of the Association and/or an external body on issues relating to the subject of the Committee.