Members of the Hellenic Association of Risk Managers will enjoy the following benefits:
  • Participation in scheduled member meetings (networking)
  • Right to participate in working groups - committees
  • Right to participate in research teams
  • Right to participate in presentations of the Association to organizations and the Government
  • Attendance of training seminars run by the Association
  • Discount prices for training seminars / studies through the academic partnerships (Universities) of the Association
  • Free attendance of seminars within the Association introduced by its members up to 80% of the annual subscription fee (Honorary and Sponsor members excluded)
  • Major discounts on one-day conferences with invited speakers from abroad
  • Participation in the annual conference
  • Registration in the newsletter and blog of the Association
  • Right to write articles for the newsletter
  • Recognition by the international partnerships and representations of the Association
  • Right to participate in the Standards and Accreditation team
Every member receives the pin of the Association, a pen, and a desktop decoration with the badge of the Association.